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For more than ten years, Consult-Loi legal study has provided counseling and legal consulting in Quito, Ecuador, both locally and internationally in Civil Law matters, namely in the fields of Family, Childhood and Adolescencey Adolescencia.



Guiding clients in the understanding of their needs while helping them adapt to the current legal system to apply new ideas, techniques, products and processes, enabling the development and implementation of creative solutions to legal problems.

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Personalized advice - Group work


Our objective is to provide a high-quality service according to the new consulting tendencies, i.e. prevention through the creation of strategies to cover our clients’ legal needs, providing a personalized and comprehensive service, complemented by current tools such as negotiation, conciliation and mediation, guaranteeing total privacy in the handling of client’s information.

Our legal counseling is comprehensive in Civil Law, and through strategic agreements, it covers certain areas related to Penal and Administrative Law as well as the alternative solution of civil conflicts, specifically family 


issues (negotiation, conciliation and mediation). Our consulting system is combined with an efficient organization concerning the direct relation between office and clients to provide quality legal services.

Thus, Consult-Loi Legal Study is composed by a group of highly-qualified professional staff, who have been trained at the best Ecuadorian Universities and abroad and whose professional career includes university professorship and the active exercise of the law both at the private and the public sector.

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Our Offices are located in Quito, at 12 de Octubre and Colón Av., Edificio Boreal, Torre 2, of. 515. We are provided with associated offices in the main cities within the country as well as in the United States, France and Latin America.

Consult-Loi has extended its services to all clients, who may request that our services be provided in Spanish, English and French.

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